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The Monster

Category: rc

2017-8-22 22:08:00 (modified 2017-8-25 16:55:59)


A common RC-Monstertruck transformed into a real monster.

It all began with a standard RC Car. I got myself this thing here and everything was perfectly fine until I realized how much power the motor of this little thing had. I almost didn't notice because I was using a 7.2V NIMH-Battery as powersource which was way too weak for it. After I bought a proper 7.4V LiPo-Battery (capable to deliver 5.200mAh @30C which means it has an output-current of up to 156A -> 1.150W in theory) the vicious circle began.

Brushless motors are great pieces of technology and so is the 3.660KV one which is included in this kit. The ESC can handle 60A of continuous drain-current therefore our maximum output-power could be 444W in theory which is pretty decent for a model car in scale 1:10. Using the original gears I could speed it up to 65km/h (40MPH) without any problems. After installing the custom transmission it got even more brutal because the gear reduction was about the half. So in crude theory we should reach 130km/h (75MPH) but GPS measurements show that there is almost no chance of controlling this beast when it reaches >80km/h. Every single steering command is very effective and one can easily bring it to the bottom with a little push on the break which is also more brutal now because it is realized through the motors eddy current break.

The first parts not able to stand the brutal power of this setup obviously was the plastic main gear and the brass motor pinion. It was completely round after just 1-2 rides and I had to replace it for a much more durable one. This procedure continued for every part crashing too often. So now there are not much original parts left:

Main Gear

The new main gear from a 1:8 nitro car.

Main Gear Driver

Aluminium milled main gear driver plate.

Wheel Drivers

Aluminium milled wheel drivers.


Aluminium milled backplate support.

LED Lighting

And of course I added some lighting to make it look even more dangerous.

Project Picture