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Never touch a running system...

2017-12-20 17:07:16 (modified 2017-12-21 09:58:02)


Because of an update to some official images on Docker-Hub all my CI-test for Node.js powered projects stopped working.

As I already had to learn: Whenever you make a (big) change to a running system, which is maybe even used by others, there is a realistic chance of breaking some massive amounts of work.

A few weeks ago I noticed some GitLab-CI-pipelines failing without any changes in the code. They just timed out within the default one hour limit of GitLab-CI. Today I realised that every single CI-Pipeline for my Node.js-Projects is permanently failing when trying to execute npm install. I fixed all package-versions used by my projects, so that shouldn't be a problem. When I run my tests on a separate machine without docker they work perfectly fine. I couldn't find any reasons for this. I even reinitialized the CI-Runnners and deleted all cached Docker-Images and Containers.

Since my requirements in package.json (and so the things installed by npm) never changed , I see no other option than using an older nodejs/npm-version, which is definitely not a good Idea.


I just found out the last output before the container freezes:
[ .................] \ fetchMetadata: sill pacote range manifest for kind-of@^3.0.2 fetched in 28ms